Stiftung Insel Hombroich

Turm, begehbare Skulptur von Erwin Heerich, Museum Insel Hombroich, © Tomas Riehle

The Museum Insel Hombroich’s motto, “art is a harmony that parallels nature,” borrowed
from a remark made by Paul Cézanne, aptly characterizes the concept of an ideal space for both landscape and museum presentation. Collector and museum founder Karl-Heinrich Müller developed the museum in collaboration with the artists Gotthard Graubner (collection installation) and Erwin Heerich (accessible sculptures) as well as the landscape architect Bernhard Korte (landscape) for the presentation of his distinguished collection. In addition to East Asian art and a storehouse of archeological artifacts, the core art collection is built on the works of Jean Fautrier, Lovis Corinth, Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Alexander Calder and Yves Klein, as well as Anatol Herzfeld, Erwin Heerich and Gotthard Graubner. The nature conservation area Museum Insel Hombroich provides a protected habitat for a wide range of animal and plant life. We have purposely left the footpaths free of information plaques and sign postings.

Invited for life by the foundation’s founder, several artists live and work at the Museum Insel Hombroich and at the Raketenstation Hombroich. Each year more artists take part in a work-stay program in the guest studio at the Raketenstation Hombroich. Every two years, a group of artists and academics is invited to Hombroich as part of the Hombroich: Summer Fellows program.

Both the Stiftung Insel Hombroich as an institution as well as the artists in Hombroich have long since been involved in developing initiatives in the areas of art, literature, music, philosophy, architecture, science, and nature. Exhibitions in the fields of visual art, photography and architecture are regularly organized at the Raketenstation Hombroich and the Kirkeby-Feld.

Museum Insel Hombroich
Minkel 2
41472 Neuss

April to September, daily 10 am to 7 pm
October to March, daily 10 am to 5 pm

The museum is closed on 24, 25. and 31. December, and on 1. January

Last entry is one hour before the museum closes.
The cafeteria closes one hour earlier than the museum.

Museum Insel Hombroich
(inkl. temporäre Ausstellungen der Stiftung Insel Hombroich)
regulär 15 €
ermäßigt* 7,50 €
Familienticket*** 35,00 €
frei**Kinder bis 6 Jahre

Samstag, Sonntag und feiertags
regulär 20,00 €
ermäßigt* 10,00 €
Familienticket*** 45,00 €
frei** Kinder bis 6 Jahre

*bei Vorlage eines Schüler-, Studenten- oder Schwerbehindertenausweises, der Museumskarte des Deutschen Museumsbundes e.V. oder eines ICOM-Ausweises
**ebenfalls freier Eintritt bei Vorlage der Düsseldorfer Art:card,
***zwei Erwachsene mit bis zu drei Kindern

Die Stiftung Insel Hombroich und die Langen Foundation gewähren jeweils 2,50 Euro Rabatt für Vollzahler am gleichen Tag bei Vorlage eines Tickets der Partner-Institution.

Es gibt keine Sonderpreise für Gruppen.
Gruppen bitten wir um eine Anmeldung unter museum@inselhombroich

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