Akademie-Galerie - Die Neue Sammlung (Academy Gallery: The New Collection)

© Akademie-Galerie - Die Neue Sammlung (Academy Gallery: The New Collection)

The Akademie-Galerie sets a unique accent within the Düsseldorf art landscape. As a forum for the Düsseldorf Art Academy, it shows mainly works by academy professors, thereby providing an intensive experience of the influential works of this prominent faculty.

Housed in the former building of the School of Arts and Crafts and set at the center of Düsseldorf’s old town, the Akademie-Galerie presents temporary exhibitions each summer and winter semester.

Besides special exhibitions, the gallery staff is dedicated to systematically collecting works by Academy professors as well as works by its successful students – thereby promoting the living and growing memory of this renowned institution. Through numerous gifts and endowments, the Akademie-Galerie already owns an impressive collection of works of art, ranging from paintings, sculptures, objects, and photographs. The holdings are continually supplemented by new contributions from Academy members.

Director : Prof. Dr. Robert Fleck

Art in Düsseldorf: A special perspective

Ratinger Straße, Foto: Stefan Arendt, Medienzentrum Rheinland / LVR

Ratinger Straße

The Akademie-Galerie – Die Neue Sammlung is set across from the Schlossturm (palace tower) and just around the corner from Düsseldorf’s well-known Ratinger Straße. Here, pubs stand cheek by jowl – but a stroll along Ratinger Straße is also an (art-) historical experience. Found here are the city’s oldest churches and cloisters, as well as locales which functioned for artists as extensions of the Academy, in particular during the 1960s and 70s, but to some extent today as well. Joseph Beuys, for example, expanded his teaching activities all the way to Ohme Jupp – right up until the moment when the proprietor complained about his leaving his hat on inside. Beuys simply paid and left. From that moment forward, Beuys and his students frequented the Uel across the street. These and similar stories are collected in the marvelous illustrated volume Die Ratinger Straße – Die Kunst- und Kulturmeile in der Düsseldorfer Altstadt (Ratinger Straße: The Art and Culture Street in Düsseldorf’s Old Town) by Karl Böcker and Addi Hansen, published by J.P. Bachem Verlag.

Address & contact

Akademie-Galerie – Die Neue Sammlung
Burgplatz 1
40213 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 211 1396223

Opening hours

Mon-Tue: closed
Wed-Sun: 12 PM to 6 PM

Entrance fee

Adults: €6 (discount: €4)
Children: up to 12: free; older than 12: €3


Book sales

Entry at ground level by elevator(otherwise staircase)handicapped restroom

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