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The regional capital possesses a special atmosphere which creates space for various aspects of cultural life. With its numerous top quality museums, more than 40 art galleries, renowned Art Academy, and numerous off-spaces, Düsseldorf has developed an artistic climate which has attracted artists and art lovers from around the world for centuries.

Young, impulsive, inspiring, creative, visionary: art is reflected in Düsseldorf in all of these dimensions. These tendencies are palpable everywhere, are strikingly visible throughout the cityscape, are on display in various cultural institutions. The path toward this civic cultural identity was paved more than 300 years ago by the liberal, art-loving Elector Palatine Jan Wellem. Thanks to his passion for promoting and collecting art, original oil paintings by Peter Paul Rubens and Giovanni Bellini still number among the city’s art treasures. Cultural testimony to the past is provided by the singularly well-preserved late-Baroque Benrath Palace, the Wilhelminian-era Carlstadt district, and the town’s neoclassical buildings. Among the highlights of contemporary architecture are buildings by Frank Gehry, with their sculptural appearance, and the glass city gate at MedienHafen. Visitors to the city enjoy musical culture at a variety of venues: at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the Robert-Schumann-Saal, and the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, a former planetarium with a breathtaking domed roof.

In the realm of art and architecture, Düsseldorf has still more to offer. Visitors to the provincial capital for a weekend, or even a day trip, will encounter a fascinating, multifaceted range of offerings all year round. Comprehensive information helpful in planning and booking trips is available on the webpages of Düsseldorf Tourismus.

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